Set 140 years in the future, a spaceship is traveling to an Earth-like exoplanet when it falls through a hole in space. The crew escapes in individual crafts and makes it through the portal before it collapses—except for one man, Bob, who gets stuck inside another universe. There, he discovers that our universe is being torn apart by highly powerful beings and it’s up to him to stop them.

How COVID-19 Inspired Me to Write This Film

With the recent COVID-19 stay-at-home order, I’ve channeled part of my creative energy into writing an old screenplay, Bob is Lost in Space, which I wrote back when I wanted to be a screenwriter. This was a dream I had before I became a “wanderer” and aspired to be the next “Parts: Unknown” Anthony Bourdain.

When the coronavirus became a pandemic and filled our headlines and social media posts, like all of you, I became anxious and depressed. I needed an outlet from the world and decided to become a screenwriter again. Enter Bob is Lost in Space. I’m excited to share with you the first 13 pages. My hope is that it provides you with some temporary relief and inspires you to start a new project or finish one you never completed. So go ahead, be weird and creative…Because is there ever a better time to do so?

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