The Ghost I Saw at My Father’s House During the Spanish Influenza of 1918

Set during the Pandemic of 1918, a young man named Everett Healey travels home from college to take care of his ill father and hears tales of a ghost appearing in town, then sees it for himself…


The Night I Met My Twin Flame at an Art Show in Brooklyn – Part II

Lexi and her twin flame Jamal take a powerful psychedelic that allows their souls to journey back into their past life and across time and space, giving them the most profound experiences of their lives.


The Night I Met My Twin Flame at an Art Show in Brooklyn – Part I

A young woman receives a text from an unknown number about an art show happening in Brooklyn. She attends and meets her ‘twin flame’ who shares his experiences and beliefs about love and the universe.


Trying to Have Sex with My Ex, Over Zoom, During the Pandemic

With everybody quarantined at home during the pandemic, a horny young alpha male reaches out to his crazy ex-girlfriend in hopes of having some Zoom sex with her.


The Prisoner Who’s Stuck in a Time Loop

“Imprisoned in Time” is my recent short story about a young man in prison who writes letters to the love of his life and believes he may be stuck in a time loop.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Help Fix America’s Systemic Racism & Inequalities

A Man Meets His Second Chance

During my monthly Philadelphia writer’s Meetup group, I wrote a short story about a young man born with a birth defect who meets his higher self and discovers that he has a special power the world needs…

When the World Seems Upside Down How Do You Stay Right-Side Up? – 4 Ways to Persevere & Evolve During COVID-19

I wrote this short blog post for anyone who is capable of doing some self-reflection work and making small changes in their lives right now, not necessarily for those facing significant hardships due to COVID-19. My hope is that these 4 tips will help motivate and inspire you to persevere and evolve during these trying times.

Bob is Lost in Space: An Excerpt From My Screenplay

Since the COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve been writing an exciting sci-fi adventure film called Bob is Lost in Space. Click here to read it.

What I Learned a Year After Moving to Philly: How I Became Spiritual & Began to Love Myself, or “Why We Exist & How to Return to Self-Love”

Over the past year, I’ve embarked on a journey of spirituality and self-love. It’s been an uncomfortable yet fun and eye-opening journey, to say the least.

In this post, I’ll discuss how you can return to a state of self-love, something we all once lived as a child, and why we exist and what the purpose of our universe could be. Warning: be prepare to have your mind blown!

My Thoughts About Soulmates: I Believe They Exist but Not in the Way You May Think

A Soul-Searching Saturday in New York City, a.k.a. “That Time I Met up w/a Manifestation Coach & Reshaped My Universe”

Read all about how my mind was transformed after meeting up with a manifestation coach in New York City.