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I’ve decided to start a new section that captures the short stories I write during my monthly Philly writer’s group. Just select the “My Short Stories” tab underneath the “Creative Writing” tab to read my stories that I write during these sessions.

We meet at a different coffee shop around town and are given a prompt to write about but can write about anything we want. Usually, we write for about half an hour then read our work aloud, which is optional but everyone always wants to share their work.

Click here if you’re interesting in joining our Meetup group; and know that this group also another meets in Collingswood, NJ. We’d love to have you join us and hear all your amazing ideas!

Below are my most recent creative works


The Ghost I Saw at My Father’s House During the Spanish Influenza of 1918
Set during the Pandemic of 1918, a young man travels home from college to take care of his ill father and hears a tale of a ghost appearing in town, and then sees it for himself.
The Night I Met My Twin Flame at an Art Show in Brooklyn – Part II
Lexi and her twin flame Jamal take a powerful psychedelic drug that allows their souls to journey back into their past life and across time and space, giving them the most profound experiences of their lives.
The Night I Met My Twin Flame at an Art Show in Brooklyn – Part I
A young woman named Lexi receives a text and invite from an unknown number to attend an art show in Brooklyn. She attends and meets her 'twin flame' Jamal, who shares his experiences and beliefs about love and the universe.
Trying to Have Sex with My Ex, Over Zoom, During the Pandemic
With everybody quarantined at home during the pandemic, a horny young alpha male reaches out to his crazy ex-girlfriend in hopes of having some Zoom sex with her.
The Prisoner Who’s Stuck in a Time Loop
A short story about a prison inmate who writes letters to the love of his life and realizes that time is rewinding itself and possibly broken.

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